Meet Our Team


Harriet Summers



Harriet grew up in Leesburg Virginia with extraordinary parents. Harriet is the youngest of four kids. Harriet is currently employed at an alternative high school in Virginia, working with teens with emotional and behavioral challenges. Harriet enjoys working with youth of all ages helping them develop as people.

Over the years, Harriet devoted her time working closely with at risk youth. Her greatest passion is making positive impact in young teens lives. Harriet enjoys giving back to the community. Harriet has numerous hours of volunteering her two favorite locations are Salvation Army and Loudoun Hunger Relief in Leesburg. Harriet is also part of a Big Sister Program. Harriet is currently a certified Adoption and Foster parent.

In Harriet's spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family: two sons, husband, and Yorkie dog. Her hobbies are swimming, boating, and fishing. Harriet's dream is to have a Youth Center for at-risk youth. It will be named in honor of her mother, Martha Coates, who is her biggest inspiration.

Chandler Daye

Vice President


Born and raised in Leesburg, Virginia, Chandler Daye has a shared his passion for volunteerism and supporting others over the years. 

Chandler attended Ferrum College as a three year starter on the Ferrum basketball team, and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting & Finance. Ferrum’s school motto was “Not Self, But Others”, which perfectly aligned with Chandler’s personal values and intentions. While excelling in school and on the court, he made time to develop a program to support his surrounding community. Big Buddies became a mentorship program where underprivileged youth would pair up with college students building relationships of support, guidance, and encouragement for those who needed it most. 

Chandler has continued to exemplify that “Not Self, But Others” motto throughout his life. He is well-known as the man you can depend on when someone needs a helping hand. Years back, Chandler organized a holiday effort to help a family in need. This effort is now an annual tradition, with family and friends across the country participating to support the chosen cause. Additionally, he supports a basketball skills development program (Work Ethik), using it as another opportunity to help the next generation.

Chandler still resides in Leesburg, Virginia, and is the father of two young men. In his free time, you will find him on a basketball or tennis court or tearing it up on the cornhole boards. As well, he enjoys getting outside to hike or kayak when he can. And sometimes, when they give him a team worth rooting for, you’ll find him in silver and blue, rooting for his beloved Dallas Cowboys team. 

Adam Ferguson

Youth Operations

Adam grew up in Northern Virginia. He has a passion for working with at-risk youth in the community and has been working with young people for the past decade. His mission is to inspire and teach young men what it takes to become a successful man.

Adam has worked with youth groups, and in multiple group homes, supporting young men in the DMV area. Adam is the author of the book “The Power of Mentorship”, where he speaks on the importance of mentorship and being a positive role model for young men.

Adam currently lives in Fairfax County where he runs a real estate business, teaching and employing young men in business. Adam's message for the young men: To make money doing what you love through dedication, hardwork, and dedication. Be the best and forget about all other distractions not in line with your vision. His life is dedicated to leading the way and showing young men the skills and discipline it takes to become a successful productive leader in the community.

Ted Greene

Youth Operations

For decades, Theodore “Ted” Greene has been on a mission to motivate, uplift, encourage, and influence the rising generations in his surrounding communities.

At the age of five, Ted discovered a love for the game of basketball. Once ignited, the passion for the game would never be extinguished, leading him to pursue many opportunities throughout his life. He traveled abroad to play professionally in Peru, and also played for the Woodbridge Wolves (ABA/CBA). These experiences allowed him to support outreach programs to the community in Peru, and also inspired 26 years of coaching and training across the DMV region. In 2019, Ted founded Werk Ethik, LLC, where he creates individualized basketball skills development programs for all ages and skill levels. Most recently, he accepted his new role as Assistant Coach of the Woodrow Wilson High School Boys Varsity team.

When Ted is not coaching, he plays a strong influential role as a Behavioral Specialist and mentor in the Loudoun County Public School district. In this capacity, he assists children and young adults by guiding them through mentorship, equipping them with new tools, increasing their productivity and interpersonal skills, and raising the levels of success they are able to achieve.


In his personal time, Ted appreciates art, music and live entertainment. He makes time to enjoy cooking at home and keeps a focus on pursuing his health and fitness goals through various sports and activities. He values the quality time with his family and giving back to the community in various outreach programs around the DMV area.

Kevin Ryan

Operations Support

Kevin Ryan is a proud father residing in Sterling, Virginia. Throughout his life, Kevin has always felt the desire to help and support others, identifying this desire as the foundation of his goals and aspirations. 


Kevin brings a wealth of creativity and artistry to our program. From his years as a touring background singer, to his time as the Director of Visuals for Platinum recording R&B groups Ruff Endz and NEXT. His unique experience and knowledge will prove invaluable, making him a key factor in the development of YKM’s music and art offerings. 

Most recently, Kevin has been raising awareness for Holistic Lifestyles. This desire to live more of a balanced life, lead Kevin to create the Infinity Fruit Juice Company, which promotes Holistic Healing through juicing. In his personal time, he likes planting organic foods and studying nature’s wonders by exploring national parks, reading new studies, and Watching documentaries. 

The Young Kings Movement gives Kevin the opportunity to apply all of his passions (family, holistic health and nature, a sense of community, singing, songwriting, multimedia production and website design) supporting the YKM team, while also guiding and teaching the young men in our program.