The Young Kings Movement is a Loudoun County-based youth outreach program for young men, ages 13-18.  Our program provides the young men of Loudoun with opportunities that foster personal growth and enhance leadership abilities.


Our program operates Monday and Tuesday from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM, at Douglass Community Center, Leesburg, Virginia. 



The Young Kings Movement offers a variety of programs to include:

  • Creative Arts Therapy (Music, Art): Creative arts therapy helps to develop one's ability to self-express, increase self-awareness, explore emotions, and work on building social skills.

  • One-on-One Mentoring: Our mentees will be matched with the mentor that best suits their individual needs and supports their comfort level. The goal of one-on-one mentoring is to provide an opportunity for each youth to set goals and have an outlet of support. The mentor will check in to help establish a path and monitor progress for each goal the youth sets.

  • Educational Support: Educational support will be offered to help with school work assigned and college planning. Our staff is familiar with LCPS practice and is able to provide differentiation, remediation, and enrichment. The staff will serve as an advocate for the child and family and provide at-home and school-based recommendations.

  • Community Service Initiative:  Each month there will be a community service initiative that the young men will support. They will assist and have a voice in all phases: objective selection, plan development, and execution.

  • Life Skills Coaching: Our team will offer life skills coaching to support career planning, independent living, and employment assistance. We will aid in finding opportunities for internships and jobs. Leaders from our community will join as guest speakers to increase exposure to new talents, skill sets, and areas of expertise.